Italy’s Snail-Loving Village


Though often thought of as a French dish, Italians equally love their lumache! And our village is no exception! In our area of Abruzzo, it’s known as the snail-loving village! 

A lover of snails himself, my husband fits in well with these villagers. Who, in this area are known as the sciumacchini or ‘snail eaters’! In fact, he looks forward to our town’s snail festivals, those few times a year when he gets to eat his fill of them.

Our snail festivals are a real community time! Almost the entire village turns out! Like a big family dinner, because nearly everyone knows each other.

And did you know that snails are low-fat, low in carbohydrates, yet high in protein? But they’re especially high in iron, B-12, and magnesium. Along with healthy levels of potassium and sodium. So you can try them, guilt-free, if you’re brave enough!

You’re welcome to come and enjoy this healthy delicacy, along with my husband…

Or search for a recipe and give them a try at home! But be forewarned. Snails take a lot of preparation. And to me they also seem difficult to eat. They pick out those little bits of meat with toothpicks, and slurp them down. I tried some once. Ate two from Mario’s plate, and spent the rest of the night throwing up. So, though they were delicious (going down), I say, “Never again!!” But most people I know eat them with no problems. Apparently, I have an intolerance to them.

So I think I’ll just stick to my favorite regional dish: arrosticini served with homemade french fries! Perhaps not as healthy, but ever so good! But if you don’t like snails or lamb, you could always choose something else. Like pasta fagioli or a sandwich!

But whatever you food choose, I guarantee it will be good! Just don’t forget to buy your snail money first! It’s the only acceptable currency at the feasts, here in the snail-loving village.

Have you ever had snails? Would you like to try them?

[Images ©SimplySheila]

8 thoughts on “Italy’s Snail-Loving Village

  1. I had first tried them in France and I liked them. I have only had snails a few times but have have always enjoyed them though they are tedious to eat for such a little bit at a time.


    • They sure are tedious! I’d always been hesitant to try them. They seemed slimy and mush. But I must admit they were yummy – going down. Coming back up – well, that was another story!! They’re usually a costly plate too, and I’m not about to pay that kind of money just to get sick!!

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    • Ha! They never much drew me either. But Hubby kept insisting, telling me “They’re so good!” And so did the restaurant owner. And I know they’re good for you. Well, for most people, but not me! They really do taste good, and are not slimy or rubbery, but smooth and a bit chewy. Still, that was my 1st and last time, lol!

      Liked by 1 person

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