Clean, Green, and Almost Free

Clean and green. Who wouldn’t want that? And almost free? Even better! If you’ve often thought of going green as either too expensive or too much work, take another look! Yes, there are a lot of costly green products on the market, and a lot of messy, complicated recipes for making your own. But clean and green does not have to cost a fortune or take a lot of time!  Continue reading “Clean, Green, and Almost Free”

Digital Cocaine [Book Review]

Coincidence that a friend loaned me Digital Cocaine by Brad Huddleston right after my two months with no internet?  Perhaps, but I doubt it. Especially in light of the surprising answer Steve Jobs made regarding his children and the newly released iPad in 2010.  Continue reading “Digital Cocaine [Book Review]”

Two Months With No Internet

Many today would ask, “Is it even possible to live without internet?” How about you? Would you survive 2 months without it? What would you do?

We traveled a lot this summer. Between visiting friends and churches, and with the month we spent down in our summer home, we were gone 2 months. And all of it internet free.  Continue reading “Two Months With No Internet”