The Benefits of Community

It’s in the midst of thorns that we find the roses.

Velvety white rose

In thinking about my broken ankle last year, (which is often because it never healed right), a beautiful memory also came to mind. And along with it, the reminder that even bad experiences can bring good. And sometimes even bring the most special of blessings.  Continue reading “The Benefits of Community”

The Dilemma Bag for Life’s Problems

Open purse

A few summers ago I participated in Plastic Free July, designed to help us cut back on single-use plastic and plastic packaging. And though it may seem odd, it’s helped me understand Psalm 23! “So,” you’re wondering, “what does plastic have to do with this Psalm?” (And no, I’ve not gone round the bend!)  Continue reading “The Dilemma Bag for Life’s Problems”

Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful? [Video]

Lovely Bride

I found this video encouraging. But it sadly shows what low self-esteem most of us have, women in particular. With the over-emphasis society places on physical appearance, we often concentrate on it too much. And feel we never measure up. But how about you? Don’t you know you’re beautiful?  Continue reading “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful? [Video]”