Clean, Green, and Almost Free

Clean and green. Who wouldn’t want that? And almost free? Even better! If you’ve often thought of going green as either too expensive or too much work, take another look! Yes, there are a lot of costly green products on the market, and a lot of messy, complicated recipes for making your own. But clean and green does not have to cost a fortune or take a lot of time!  Continue reading “Clean, Green, and Almost Free”

DIY Liquid Soap Nuts & Dish Soap

Soap Nuts for Laundry

I already shared on using 100% organic Soap Nuts for laundry. So be sure to check out How to Do Laundry Almost Free, Naturally! Why spend needlessly on laundry products? But today we’ll learn how to make liquid soap nuts, to use for cleaning, body wash, and as organic dish soap! You can use it to clean your whole house, and save even more money! Continue reading “DIY Liquid Soap Nuts & Dish Soap”