The Benefits of Community

It’s in the midst of thorns that we find the roses.

Velvety white rose

In thinking about my broken ankle last year, (which is often because it never healed right), a beautiful memory also came to mind. And along with it, the reminder that even bad experiences can bring good. And sometimes even bring the most special of blessings.  Continue reading “The Benefits of Community”

Those Pesky Tags & Categories {And Labeling People}


Labels are useful aren’t they? Who wants to open a can of green beans if they need tomatoes? And the same is true for many things. Labels can greatly simplify life — or not. And labels were definitely complicating blogging for me!  Continue reading “Those Pesky Tags & Categories {And Labeling People}”

The Gift of Mamma’s China


Some time ago, I came across an interesting post: Which Lord of the Rings Personality Are You?, which intrigued me. I’d heard about personality types and tests, which I dismissed as a bunch of hogwash, hocus pocus, or something. But The Lord of the Rings? They had me hooked there!  Continue reading “The Gift of Mamma’s China”

Even With Servants She Worked Hard {Virtuous Woman series}

Shelling nuts

As a young person, did you (like so many young girls) dream about the man you would marry? My best friend and I sure did! And he would, of course, be dashing and debonair, romantic and good-looking. Why, he would all but nobly rush in on a prancing charger!  Continue reading “Even With Servants She Worked Hard {Virtuous Woman series}”