Digital Cocaine [Book Review]

Coincidence that a friend loaned me Digital Cocaine by Brad Huddleston right after my two months with no internet?  Perhaps, but I doubt it. Especially in light of the surprising answer Steve Jobs made regarding his children and the newly released iPad in 2010.  Continue reading “Digital Cocaine [Book Review]”

Two Months With No Internet

Many today would ask, “Is it even possible to live without internet?” How about you? Would you survive 2 months without it? What would you do?

We traveled a lot this summer. Between visiting friends and churches, and with the month we spent down in our summer home, we were gone 2 months. And all of it internet free.  Continue reading “Two Months With No Internet”

The Holidays are Over, and What a Relief!

I just don’t get it! Undoubtedly, it’s just that I’m abnormal. Because most people I know look forward to the holiday season with downright glee, while I just can’t wait till it’s over. I just don’t get all the hub bub and rushing, and all the effort to make that one day perfect. So I’m glad Epiphany marked the end of the season here. But most of all, I just don’t understand the gift-giving.  Continue reading “The Holidays are Over, and What a Relief!”

Clothes Shopping 1-2-3: When a Bargain is Not a Bargain


Many women I know love to shop in groups, but not me. Shopping stresses me out as it is, without adding a bunch of people to the trip. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting together with girlfriends. Lunch out maybe, or a nice frothy cappuccino. Anyone free this week?  Continue reading “Clothes Shopping 1-2-3: When a Bargain is Not a Bargain”

My Green Journey


It all started with a bottle of vinegar, as I mentioned in Why I Became a Minimalist. That one bottle of vinegar opened my eyes both to how harmful chemicals are and to the concept of non-chemical solutions. And then, because Earth Care was already on my mind, I started seeing it in the Bible too.  Continue reading “My Green Journey”

Why I Became a Minimalist

Needless things

That’s a question I often get asked. And it’s not always easy to explain. The first difficulty arises, of course, with trying to define minimalism to those who have never heard of it. The second difficulty comes when others look at me as though I’ve lost my mind. Especially when I tell them that it all came about because of a bottle of vinegar.  Continue reading “Why I Became a Minimalist”